Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends Featured

I am starting a segment titles Friends Featured. Where my friends who don't have an outlet to show their craftiness, Or even my friends that do show some great things they are working on. I'm excited to start with this girl. She is awesome!

My name is Kristy Woodbury and I am a hairdresser with a little extra time on my hands! I love all crafts but am obsessed with crocheting right now!

-moccasin pattern is courtesy of littleeme See it here. The dress pattern is from Daily Crocheter and the shoes I made up after making the moccasins (super easy if you can get the moccasins) Dress pattern here.

Thanks Kristy for sharing these with us.
Aren't they so cute? I may have to start crocheting myself. I want some for myself. I love them! Also, that is awesome that you were able to make the cute little shoes by yourself. Truly a great crafter!


David said...

I'm so excited to try to make these little shoes! They are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

kricketlyn said...

so cute!!!