Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DIY: Alphabet Wall

My friend Aimee... Is awesome. She put up with me for a few hours while we did this project. I have been wanting to do it forever but was dreading it because I knew it would take forever. But we got it done in a few hours and I had a great time just chatting and hanging out with here. We used Aimee's cricut and this cartridge... It is my favorite.
We cut some 6x6 white squares then we cut out the letters. The big letter was a 5 and the little letter was a 3 3/4. The animals were a 5 also.
They all turned out so cute and I am glad that Aimee was there to give me some guidance. She is so crafty. Here they all are. Sorry I didn't take some more pictures during the process we were in a but of a hurry...
Here are some close-ups. Now I have wondered whether or not I should point this out to my readers... Because I didn't see it but I know some of you will because my husband did... When we put these together we positioned the animals on the Upper Case letters just like they had in the book then added the Lower Case after... Well this one apparently has another meaning. Thanks to Kirk when I look at it all I can see now is what he pointed out. The animals are some of my favorites too.. Oh well, here ya go... Kirk pointed out that it looks like the word poop.....
Still laughing? I was too after my heart broke a little......that was not intentional.. anyway, moving on.
My favorite animal ever...Look at that big Elephant trying to hide behind that E.....lolThe TigerI took them over and got them laminated. I really wanted to put them on some wood.. but not in the budget this time so this will have to work. Then I put them on the wall... Why couldn't there be 25 letters? Then they would go up in a perfect square on the wall... This is what we got..Then I bordered it with some ribbon. Before I put them up Kyden loved to look at them like flash cards and he ever learned a few sounds from them... I'm not sure how long they will stay on the wall because we may just need them for educational purposes... They are cute huh?Thanks again Aimee

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Emily S said...

I have done a similar project for a baby shower gift and the mommy LOVED it! Great cartridge and great project! (And no, I didn't notice until you pointed it out.... men....) :)