Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY: "Lovies"

About a month ago I was in Logan with my in-laws. We were in a boutique and my M-I-L and I saw these really cute "lovies" However, they were so expensive. I couldn't believe it. So we decided we would make our own
(Note for those of you not quite sure what a "lovie" is. It is something that a baby or small child will carry with them to snuggle with and comfort them. Some use a blanket or toy. Some can't sleep without it)
This lovie is so soft, cute and it is also travel size. We found some cute minky and cut them into 15x15 inch squares. We did one side a plain color and the other side a pattern (we did quite a few of these so don't mind that The pictures are of different colors and patterns)

Then we faced teh fabric in toward each other and pinned them. (Minky is a little hard to sew. Make sure that you check which way the grain of the fabric is on each. Then make them go the same way. It will make things a little easier) Sew around but leave a little 1 1/2 to 2 inch space un sewed and flip the "lovie" out.
It will look something like this :)
Then get some ribbon (about 3 inches) and fold it.
Place the ends in your hole that you left to flip it out and then sew it into the "lovie" and finish sewing up the hole.My talented M-I-L did a cute decorative stitch around the edge and then again 3 inches fro the edge. Make sure you do the 3 inch stitch in because it will hold together better. However, if you have a cute decorative design and you want to put it right in the middle be my guest :)Then... You are done. Easy Right. Then you can link a toy or a binkie onto the "lovie" and give it as a baby shower gift, give it to your kids, or keep it for yourself to cuddle with because they really are so soft!!LinkWhat do you think?
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