Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday's Menu: Peanut Butter Yumminess (Peanut Butter Cups)

This post will just have this yummy dessert on it to celebrate the warm weather!
Enjoy these are so good! My mother-in-law had some in her fridge memorial day weekend and I think I ate half of it myself. It was so good. Thanks Janae

Peanut Butter Cups
*1 pkg. graham crackers (crushed in a blender until it is fine)
*1 cube melted butter
*4 cups powdered Sugars
*2 cups peanut butter
*1-3 Hershey's bars

*add crushed graham crackers, butter, and peanut butter and mix. Then add powdered sugar.
Put in a pan or dish and spread out. Put in the fridge until it is cool.

*depending on how much chocolate you want on top of your peanut butter. Melt the Hershey bars in the microwave then pour on top of peanut butter.

*let it cool and harden in the fridge.


*Keep refrigerated

Today's Menu is: Easy, dessert and Yummy!


kricketlyn said...

mmm yummy thanks!!!

~Claire~ said...

Just a few hours there was a "reese's" commercial on and I looked at my hubby and said "I wanna make PB cups... only different"... I think this recipe will fit the bill nicely- so I will be bookmarking it for later!