Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Paint

My Brother and Sister-on-law just moved which is great for me because they wanted to get rid of stuff.. Thanks Kami and Steve.
I got this beauty from them...:)
I wanted to put it in my bathroom. This bathroom happens to already have a wall decor similar to this but it is black.... You know where I am going with this right?
I took all the wood off.
and started painting...I just used regular acrylic paint and then coated it with some polyurethane spray paint.
Put it back together and this is what I got.
I love it and I love the shelves for some cute knick-nacks later on.


kricketlyn said...

Way to go, looks awesome!

Danielle said...

I juts saw your cute toy bench over at six sisters stuff and am in love with it. Thanks for a fabulous idea.

New follower:>