Monday, July 25, 2011

Treat Jar

I seriously need a new camera.... Sorry these pictures struggle.
I just had my awesome family reunion! When I say awesome I mean AWESOME! I look forward to it every year. We have an auction every year to earn money for the next years reunion. This year I decided to make a few things for the reunion. Here is one of them.
I bought these jars at a yard sale. 6 for $2.50....My husband and I had a little bit of a miscommunication and instead of offering $2.00 for them I ended up with 2 boxes of 6...Next time I will make sure I hear my husband when he says offer $2 not get 2 boxes.. Oh well. They are cute and I will use them a lot I'm sure.I bought a bag of Starburst and put them in the jar...(after I washed it out)added some cute ribbon and made a big bow type thing at the top.Then I used the cricut to add some letters.
Here is the final product. I loved how it turned out and it went for a good price at the auction too....:)SUCCESS!

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Michelle said...

CUTE! These would be great for holiday gifts! I am visiting from Funky Polkadot Giraffe and I am a new follower!! Hope you have a great week and that I see you around soon!

kricketlyn said...

I want one!!!