Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today is my husbands 28th Birthday. Over the years we have done surprise get togethers, parties, and so on. This year we are going simple. Kirk isn't a huge fan of celebrating his birthday so this time around I decided to take it easy on him.
We had lunch in the park.
I wrote him a letter.
I made him his favorite brownies.
I took his brownies, balloons, and candles to his office. (that way I don't have to gain anymore weight eating the brownies :) )
We are going to dinner together as a family.
(which if you think about it is like a present for me cause I don't have to cook)
For his gift he got some new running shoes.
It has been a great day and will continue to be.

I love having a day to celebrate the most important person in my life... Even if he isn't to keen on it.

Happy Birthday Kirk!!!
Love you!

(doing a sweet party next week for some girls can't wait to post about it.)

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