Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Braided Weave Hair

I love to do hair.
In fact sometimes I dream about hairstyles and then try them out the next day. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't.
I love hair so much that I even went to cosmetology school after I already had a degree.
I've been toying with the idea of posting hair-dos for awhile now.
We will see how this one goes.I don't have a video for it.
If you want to know how to do it and want me to make a video leave me a comment.It may look a little difficult but it was actually very easy.
you start with a waterfall braid.
Then do another braid right under it.
you could technically do anything with the end. I decided to leave mine braided but you could do a messy bun.
There it is. Don't mind the bangs.. They needed to be seriously cut. I did them right after I took these pictures.
Please let me know if this is something you want me to keep doing.. and if I do I will give instructions next time I promise!


~Claire~ said...

Oh, that's nice! I love doing my daughter's hair, but find doing mine SO hard! This is beautiful- I'm going to go look up "watrfall braid" right now!!

kricketlyn said...

Yes keep it up if you need me to do some I would love to!!!!