Friday, September 30, 2011

PINTERESTing Things #1

Pinterest is great!
But it also is a little depressing...There are so many more people out there so much more creative than I am.. lol. But it does get my creative juices going so that is good. But seriously though, I am in awe of just about everyone on there. So I have decided, (like almost every other blogger) to show you some pinteresting things I found this week. I will usually do this on Saturdays. But this is the conference edition and I want people to have a chance to make do some of these... before Saturday.
(Not sure what Conference is? I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints and twice a year we get to listen to the leaders of our church inspire and teach us. This coming weekend, Oct 1-2, is conference weekend.)
(Want to learn more? Click here)
I am actually going to do this one. I think that I will make a bunch of different tags and attach them using Velcro so I can change it up for each conference.
I love this idea.
Check it out here~~~~
I was curious about this one but thought it would be cool to see who actually did best. I went to her website and she has a whole list of awesome activities to let your kids do during conference. I will be building the fort with my nephews... So excited!!
See the list here.~~~~
I love the 12 apostles. In fact I am pretty sure that most people have an apostle they look forward to hearing from. This idea makes you look forward to all the apostles.
(I say you because this is not only for the kids this time. Why should they have all the fun?)
I am so doing this.
Here is the original~~~~
Do you have any great conference traditions?
Share them with me.
Next week I will post what we did this conference!

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kricketlyn said...

Can't wait to do these with you!!!!