Saturday, October 8, 2011

PINTERESTing Things #2

Pinterest may be an addiction.
It is one of the this that I do when I very first open my computer.
Maybe I love it because it gives me an idea or inspires me?
Who knows but here are some cute things I found PINTERESTing this week
I have contemplated painting my nice wood door green just so I could do this.
Isn't that the cutest outdoor decor you have seen?
They have more ideas
There are a lot of Printables going around Pinterest these days having to do with Halloween which I love. This one in particular however is my favorite.
I think it might be because of the different colors and the pictures added in.
I already printed this one off and it is currently on display in my house.
Get it here

This mantle is my friends. So talented right?
She doesn't have a blog so I can't link you to it but I had to share this adorable decorated Mantel.
Do you think she would come decorate my house?
I had to put this on here because when I saw it I laughed.
Who thinks of these things? I wish I could say it was me.
I think I might do a few of these for baby gifts!
You can buy them here

What PINTERESTing things have you found?