Saturday, October 15, 2011

PINTERESTing Things #3

Wanna see the PINTERESTing things I found this week?
I loved this one because I will literally use it.
I always have junk at the bottom of my stairs. By junk I mean stuff that goes up stairs. Then by the time I get around to carrying itup the stairs I have to make 2 or 3 trips.
This solved my problems.
Baskets at the bottom and once my kid is old enough to take care of his own stuff.... He will have a bucket too...
Thank you
I have been seeing a lot of quotes or saying pinned lately and I am loving it. Sometimes just reading something to small and simple can make all the difference... Like this one.
I remember when Kirk and I went on a Service trip over Spring Break and the people we were serving literally had almost nothing. One room houses that slept 8 people and so on. However, they were the happiest people I have ever met.
(she changed her URL but I still can't find this saying on here blog although that is where it is pinned from)~~~
We had quite a scare last week with SNOW?! The weather man says it will warm up again this week. Thank Goodness because I really love Fall. It wouldn't have made for a very sad Kelli if we jumped from Summer to Winter.
I love the idea of a bucket list for the Seasons. This one for Fall has a lot of great ideas.
Apparently is was pinned off of google? so no link. sorry
I had to put in a decoration that goes along with fall and Halloween. This adorable book pumpkin that has been floating around Pinterest for awhile. I went and got my book the other day at DI and I am so excited to do one of these for myself. It is apparently very easy to make but it is so cute!
Hope you've been finding great things.

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