Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trick-or-Treat Wreath

I went to another Craft Night with
the Crafty Wives!
It is always so funt o get together with a bunch of girls an be creative.
We made this super cute Trick or Treat Wreath.
Wreath Form
variety of colored fabrics
wood block with two holes drilled in the sides.

The other nice thing about going to craft night is that they have everything ready for you!
(My board was wet with paint....so it isn't pictured)
Tie 2 burlap strips then 2 fabric strips, square knots, around the wreath. Overlap the material to make the wreath fuller.
Then trim the long edges, maneuver and fluff the strips until they look how you want.Attach board to wreath 2 strips of fabric.
The burlap is seriously messy so be careful with your wet paint on the board.So fun and so cute!I know it clashes with the green on the wall but for now that is where it will stay but it turned out really cute huh?
Super easy Halloween wreath!

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Heather & Nick said...

Ah, cute Kelli! You're so great :)