Friday, November 18, 2011

Giveaway: 2 CD's!

My sister gave me this CD last year and I love it. We are lucky that Audrey was willing to donate 2 CD's to giveaway on my blog!
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At a young age, Audrey discovered the power of music. Her first piano lesson was given at the age of 9 on her grandmother's piano by her uncle who taught her how to find middle C. Her next lessons didn't come about until she turned 15 and only lasted 3 very short months. During those six years in between, she spent hours upon hours plunking on any piano she could find everywhere she went. She was determined to “conquer the unconquerable”. She wanted nothing more than to play the piano. “To this day,” she writes, “I cannot figure out what would possess my parents and grandparents to put up with countless hours of merciless, undecipherable pounding and why they called it 'beautiful'!” Now, her dedication and persistence has paid off. After 15 years, she proudly admits that she can now “ALMOST play a hymn all the way through without more than, like, a half-dozen blunders!”
Not only has she always been fascinated by the piano, but Audrey has always been known to sing. Her talent was discovered at the ripe old age of eight, when she was invited to join the beloved Ward Choir, where she was accepted and esteemed, complimented and encouraged. As an early teen, she was given the gift of voice lessons for about three months and she soaked it all in, treasuring the knowledge. That attitude carried over to the high school choir, where she spent a good chunk of her life teaching herself music. “I'd take my choir music home and study and study and study all aspects of the song: the lyrics, the notations, the notes. It was so important to me to be able to not only know the stuff, but to be able to interpret the message.”
After establishing a family, she joined a professional fireside group with which she has performed since 2005. It was with this group that she found her true passion: the recording studio. “I can remember the first time I stepped into a studio,” Audrey says. “I went in, completed the recording session and walked out knowing with all my heart that THAT was where I wanted to be. THAT was my true destiny.”
Not long after that experience, she decided that her next step was to write music for the Lord. She studied the techniques and styles of successful musicians as she worked to create her own niche in the industry. “As a youth, my heart was always drawn to tunes and harmonies and rhythms and the emotions they evoke,” she states. “Still, the odds were stacked against me. I had no professional training-not as a singer, not as a pianist, and especially not as a songwriter. But I learned first and foremost to never question the Lord, to always put Him first in my life and to put faith in His trust of me. Once I came to that understanding, I knew there were no limitations to what I could do. If I trusted Him, if I kept my life within His standards, if I were humble enough, all would work out. I would do my part and He would magnify it.” Her first LDS song went on to win 2nd place in an LDS Songwriting Workshop, winning recognition from top professionals in the industry. With their support and encouragement, she has written and produced her first 5-song CD, “If I'm Still”.
Audrey currently lives in Utah with her husband, three children and a most beloved dog.

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Mrs.S said...

I love Christmas music=)
Id love to win..

Jay and Danielle said...

Christmas music is awesome! If I won it would be on my birthday to that would be sweet! I love reading your blog you are super talented :)

Ty and Whitty said...

I follow your awesome blog and I love you girl. This CD looks awesome. What a fun giveaway. Thank you.

Emily said...

I want to win! I love that story and that it didn't come easy for her but she knew her destiny and worked and worked at it. That's great.

Ma and Pa Ellertson said...

I love her persistance and I would love to win a CD

Tim and Brooke said...

What an amazing story. I would love to win this cd!