Saturday, January 7, 2012

A little here and a little there.

What else is there to say other than life gets busy? Far too busy. Especially around Christmas Time with traveling and family get togethers. I wish that I could say things will be going back to normal around this joint but alas, it won't be.
I have decided to enroll in a masters program... (what was I thinking right?) So I am taking two classes, spending time with my husband,  dealing with a crazy 2 year old and getting my abode ready for baby number 2. Which by the was is a GIRL!
So, instead of just pulling out the stuff I have and washing it we gotta start from scratch. Don't get me wrong I am very excited. How could you not be with all the cute things out there for little girls.
Anyway, so like I said things won't be going back to normal. I will probably post a few things here or there that I do along the way but it will in no way be organized... *Sigh* Such is life. 
I am working on a super easy project that I may get around to posting sometime when I decide I need a break for my Sanity. 
Don't give up on me. I am still here just trying to keep everything running together and sometimes you just have to let one thing fall a little short and this time it happened to be my crafty blog. :(
Thanks everyone for following and reading and stay tuned...I will probably enroll my sisters help too. Just to give you... A little here and a little there.
Wish Me Luck.

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