Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY: Valentines

These are so cute. I originally got the idea here. But I did things a little bit differently. Here's my mess... You need: Felt, Hershey Kisses, glue gun, googly eyes, toothpicks, labels
Cut the felt into circles. I like a little bigger hat so I made mine a little different. Then you cut the circles into fourths.
then run a strip of glue along the edge and fold and hold so it looks like this
Then glue the hat on top of a Hershey Kiss. Then add 2 googly eyes. See how cute?
As cute as they are.. I thought they needed something a little more.
I drew a heart on the bottom to emphasize Valentines.. But that didn't work either.
This is what I came up with. I took some skinny labels and looked up Conversation Hearts and got some ideas. Then I wrote them pretty small on the label. I also took a toothpick and broke it in half.
The labels were nice because they were already sticky. But I wrapped the labels around half of a toothpick....So they look like this.
Then I glued the toothpick to the Hershey Kiss....Now they were done.. Aren't they cute?
I made gnome army so it seems...
They were super easy super quick and pretty inexpensive... The most expensive thing was the Chocolate. :)
What do you think?

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kricketlyn said...

So so cute love them Kelli :)

Kim and Preston said...

Wow...those are super cute! What are you going to use them for?