Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Projects Under Construction

I was hoping to have a really cute wonderful craft to show today... However... I have like 3 under construction so I though I would let you know what I was up too.

Cardboard Faux metal Decor I just hope that mine can turn out as good as hers....Where can I find metal looking paint like that and what is it called?

T-shirt Quilt... I am kinda making this one up as I go along. I am half-way done but it is taking forever and Little man won't let me sew when he is awake.

And last but not least this tool wreath that my friend Mandi made... it cost her $3.00....So cute and cheap. I have everything but I am just missing a wire hanger.. I can't believe that I don't have one laying around!
Hoping to finish construction soon


Suzy said...

Hi Kelli,

Thanks for the feature! Please let me know when your faux wall art is complete. I would be excited to see it. I really love it when one of my projects inspires!


kricketlyn said...

love it I can't wait to craft with you on saturday I believe you can get like faux metal spray paint like at wal mart just with the spray paints let me know if you find it!!!