Friday, March 25, 2011

DIY: Button Easter Egg!

I saw this idea here....Hers is way more classy than mine. I didn't have enough buttons of one color to do it like that so this is what I did.
Took some cardboard and some left over black material (from the aforementioned t-shirt blanket I am making) covered the cardboard
Then I glued on the buttons. Make sure if you plan to sew the buttons on don't get glue in the holes of the buttons also, you may want to sew on the buttons to the material then glue the material to the cardboard, just saying it would probably be easier.

I didn't have a picture frame and the back of this looked terrible with all the thread so I put some ribbon in the middle and glued another piece of covered cardboard to the back.
I put a little bit of lace around the edges, it needed a little something and this was all that I had. It is a little different.
But every time I walk past it it makes me smile.... It is growing on me.

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