Friday, April 8, 2011

DIY: Easter letters

Crafting with friends is so much more fun than crafting by yourself. Right? Even if it does take 2 hours longer than necessary! That's the fun of it. But, seriously check out these cute Easter letters.

They turned out so cute right?
We basically painted the skewers white. Cut out the letters on the Cricut and put each of them on some cute paper, embellished, and then taped the skewer on the back.

Super easy but also super fun!

In a the flower pot!
I love them...Sometimes I wish my camera really did my crafts justice.
This is my partner in crime. Alyssa. She looks familiar huh? That is because she is my crafting buddy, or was. She is moving...sad day for me. Who will I craft with now? Who will have fun laughing at our 1st tries that didn't turn out so good? or let me copy her cute ideas? Or tell me when mine really looks bad? or lets me borrow all her cute stuff? Sounds like she should be doing this blog huh? I know. Anyway enough rambling I guess I can just say that I will miss her a lot and wish her the best!

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kricketlyn said...

sooo super cute Kelli you are good at what you do you are just like me I am always second guessing myself it is always easier having someone there to tell you what it looks like cause I know when I do stuff I tend to get lost in it and then when I am done it never turns out the way I had pictured but believe me you do a great job you are totally crafty and remember I am always a cell phone picture away!!! :)