Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY: Patriotic Plant Decor

When I go to the craft store I walk around and just load my cart up with holiday stuff. Then I just kinda put stuff together till it is all used. That is how I came up with these.
Felt stars, star buttons, Fourth of July stickers, skewers, and patriotic ribbon.
One trick that I have learned is that if you cut the back of the button off you can just glue it and it works fine and doesn't stick out.
I just put a line of glue down the middle of the ribbon and wrapped it around the skewers. I put a sticker and some buttons on 3 of the felt stars. Then I took a plain one and matched it to them. I glued the skewer between the two stars with hot glue!
So patriotic. So easy. So cute.
I think they are perfect!
Happy 4th of July Crafting

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The Miller's said...

WOW! they are really simple and cute! Awesome idea, they turned out really good.

The Miller's from