Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day Kids Gift

When it comes to Father's Day we have a bit of a hard time around here finding gifts. What do you get for the most amazing guys that they don't already have? Not to mention that an 18 month old can get for them?
Well, you look for things that the young gun likes then you personalize it... which is what we did.
My son right now loves rocks....So that is what we got.
We got the idea for these Hot Rocks here
Yes that is crayon on those rocks...
It is actually really hard to help a kid color on a really really hot rock.. But it was cool.
I just cut out the letters on the cricut then I glued them on some paper.
On the back my husband and I wrote a short note to our fathers.
I have no idea what they will do with them... paper weight?
It's the thought that counts right?
Now for dad.. He specifically asked that we didn't get him something... (Way to make is hard on me) So going along with the same theme... Rocks....
This is what we came up with.
You have to understand that my son is very particular about his rocks... so him filling this jar took like 3 days.
But his dad does "Rock" and I hope he knows that and that he can look at this and remember how much his son loves him.
We just painted the lid and added paper.
Happy Late Father's Day to the most wonderful guys I know!

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