Friday, June 17, 2011

Friends Featured: Heather Shober!

I'm Heather Shober. I married my best friend Nick August 5, 2010. I was the girl who grew up cross stitching with my grandma and making my own doll clothes. Now I'm a wife who always has a project in progress. I am not a perfectionist, but I do my research before I start a project. I'm a blog browser and I probably dream about more crafts than I actually complete.
I'd been seeing Pottery Barn EAT letters everywhere and decided I wanted to make some. The day I saw the "Snack Stack" scrapbook paper I knew I wanted to mod podge my letters. I saw cardboard letters at Joanns previously that I decided to use so I had the option of either standing them up or hanging them on the wall.
My first step was using a coupon on Joanns to get my supplies. I go here ( to find Joanns coupons. (Don't buy anything from Joann's without a coupon!)
After I got my letters and paper home, I picked out which paper I wanted to use and traced each letter onto the back of the paper. I cut the letters out and once I had a perfect fit I set them to the side.
Next I painted my letters black (because our furniture in our kitchen is black). I wanted a black shadow effect with these letters because I wanted to hang them above our fridge.
Once the paint had dried, I mod podged the food letters I cut out onto my black cardboard letters. There were a few wrinkles, so I used a ruler to smooth them out. Once they were dry I couldn't wait to hang them up! I love them!

(Don't you think these are adorable? She even has a picture frame by these that are modge podged too... Maybe she will make me some! Thanks Heather!)