Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you are like me then when you watch a mascara commercial you are always wondering if they have fake eyelashes on... or if they actually use the product.... Which is why I currently have 3 different types of mascara in my make-up.......Do they really have different effects? Do they look different? Make my eyelashes longer? thicker? Well, I decided to take some pictures and let you decide. I tried to get all the pictures taken the same place, lighting, eye, etc. I have no eye liner, or eye shadow on. I also didn't curl my eyelashes before hand. Here are my eyelashes before any mascara.
Mascara #1 Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
I only did like 3 swipes of the wand.
Mascara #2 Maybelline Falsies
Mascara #3 Cover Girl Lash Blast

I would love to know which you think looks better. Also if there is a mascara you have wanted to try but haven't let me know and I might buy it. Depending on how many people ask me to try it...
Also if there is any product that you want me to try. leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.


Jay and Danielle said...

I think the Mary Kay one looks best :)

kricketlyn said...

that is crazy ya the mary kay looks best then the falsies you should try the purple lash blast!

Julie said...

Aubree and I both agreed with the Mary Kay as well. You have very long eyelashes Kelli!

Six said...

They all look so good! Do you curl your eyelashes first?!

Janae B said...

I vote #2
What is the name of your font? I love the print.