Friday, August 19, 2011

Friends Featured: Kristalyn (Back 2 School)

My sister Krista has been featured before...She is that cool
(See her first feature here)
You can also read all about here there too.
Anyway like I was saying my sister is so cool and very creative.
Her kids staredt school yesterday and she wanted to do a small gift for the boy's teachers.
Off the top of her head this is what she came up with...I know right?!
So creative. It is also useful for the teacher so that is good!
I think she should make one for me because I am a "rockin' sister...
Okay that was a little out there but seriously these are way cute and she said she did them for pretty cheap.
That's what I am talking about!Devin, Logan hope you enjoyed your first day of school and I hope that you teachers think you are awesome because I do!
Krista you are seriously talented..

(Disclaimer: It may or may not have been pretty late while typing up this blog.....)


Kim and Preston said...

Awesome! Krista is that awesome!

kricketlyn said...

They were very inexpensive maybe like 3-4 dollars each!!! And their teachers loved them!!!