Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY: Customized Kids Foam Chairs

I seriously bought the stuff to make this chair like 3 months ago.. Sewing is not my forte. I am to impatient for the measuring and everything...But I will tell you this
This chair took me way to long to make because my measurements were all off.. So i had to re-do a lot. See what I mean sewing is not my forte.
Anyway I didn't make a tutorial for this because the blog that I got the idea from has a wonderful tutorial for you.
Here is my chair. Don't judge it was before I fixed it for the millionth time...
The only thing I did that was different from the tutorial was I added a piece of material underneath because I could just envision Ky flipping that chair over and tearing the foam to pieces. So I added this with some Velcro.
Luckily for me my husband and child had taken a quick one night vacation so I could make this and as big of a mess as I needed.
(hence the Lion posing in the chair) I was a little frustrated but it was all worth it because of this reaction.
He loves it and now I don't have to go out spend $80 dollars on one.
He seriously loves it. You know what the best part is? I could make a ton of different covers for this chair. So when he wanted blue it could be blue and when he wanted red it could be red but for now he is perfectly content with his green chair.
My husband also says that the seat is the perfect height because he can lay on the floor and use it as a pillow.... only when he can get Ky out of it for long enough!

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kricketlyn said...

That turned out great Kelli way to go!!!