Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kricket's Korner: Duct Tape Rose Pens

I am so excited for another installment of
Kricket's Korner
Duck Tape Rose Pens

step 1: cut a piece of duck tape approx. 2 inches long does not have to be exact
step 2: fold one corner into the center
step 3: fold other corner in to the center you will have a house shapestep 4: wrap piece around end of pen
step 5: continue steps 1-4 till the flower is the size you want (I used 28 pieces all together)
step 6: after the flower is done make 3 more houses to cover the bottom (I used green as a stem)
step 7: wrap the pen in any color you want
I chose to use 3 colors two for the flower and one for the stem but you can choose 1 color or as many colors as you want be creative and enjoy!!!!She did this for a back to school item for her Pre-K daughter's teacher.
It was a big hit!

Thanks again Krista these are awesome can't wait to make some!

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Ma and Pa Ellertson said...

Creative daughters. Cute pens and girls.