Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kricket's Korner: Interlocking Twists

As most of you already know my sister Krista is AMAZING.
So amazing that she is going to be a permanent feature on my blog.
(she has done two features already)
You will love her stuff.
Not to mention her daughter has the most gorgeous long hair and she can do amazing things with it. Today she decided to share one of those hairstyles with you.
(Featuring her daughter Kambri)Interlocking Twists
step 1: you can separate into piggy tails or just do it in one big pony tail.
step 2: split the pony tail into two equal sections, put half to the side.step 3: split the half section into two then twist them to the right, half someone hold that and twist the other half to the right.step 4: twist both of the twists together to the left put a hair band around that.step 5: repeat steps 2 through 4 if you did piggy tails.
and there you have it!!!

You are already looking forward to her next post huh? Me too!


Liz said...

Way cute

Kim and Preston said...

Yeah for Kambri and Krista!

Amanda said...

I love this feature! It will give me a little creativity with Aubrey's hair! Yah!