Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Onesie Dress

While shopping with my S-I-L for cute baby girl clothes I kept seeing these cute onesie dressed. Unfortunately, they were really expensive. I looked at one really close and decided that I could do one of those so here ya go!
It was super easy.
#1 . I bought a onesie and then some cute material. You could use tulle if you want to also.
It would be quicker. You wouldn't have to double over you could just do one panel and start step 3.
#2: I folded the material in half and sewed along the ends. Sew so the seam is in the middle after you flip it inside out.
#3 Then to make the ruffle on the top of the skirt you just take the needle and thread through the top like this. The space between each time the needle goes through it how big your ruffles will be. I wanted mine to be fairly small. # 4 Then pull the needle all the way through and tada! Ruffles! Here is the skirt top all ruffled. I am starting to wonder if it may be better to do this with some thin colored elastic sot he skirt has some give... Next time I will do that because with the thread I had to just guesstimate how much thread would be needed to fit around the cute baby.#5 Then I sewed the two ends of the skirt together so that it was a complete circle/skirt.
#6 Pin it where you want on the onesie & sew around it. Or you can choose to sew just a few parts on so that the skirt has a little give with the elastic.There ya go. The final Onesie dress. You could add some flowers around the waist or on the top. You could also put rose petals int he actual skirt before you sewed the skirt together and closed.I don't have any baby girls so the lion gets to be the model. Your get the picture right?
This skirt is a bit full so next time I might use less fabric also.What do you think?


Emily said...

Cute! You are so crafty. I love it.

kricketlyn said...

Sew cute I love the full skirt!!!!