Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kricket's Korner: Curlformers review

I heard of these curlers from somewhere and I had to try them out I went to Sally's and got them. I have tried other curlers and they just did not curl very well. So I payed a little bit more for these and it was worth it!
The kit I bought I had 40 long and wide curlers, 6 short and wide curlers and 1 hook, plus I got the instructions. for the kit I payed $59.99 plus tax.
First thing I did was I washed her hair then I put lots of mousse in it (whatever kind you have will work I don't have 1 in particular that I use)
Then I sectioned it into about 5 sections. The pieces you want in the curler are approx 1" x 1"
Then I just started putting them, the curlers come with instructions and the tool that you use, it is pretty easy I alternated the 2 colors because pink curls opposite then orange curls, if you want to curls to stay separate then you need to alternate them.
I put all the curlers in (some of her hair was too long for the curlers but after I took them out I just curled those ends)
I had her sleep in them ( I would not do that again, while they are flexible with that many curlers in she did not sleep very good)
Because they aren't fun to sleep in, I put them in her hair in the morning and then leave them in as long as I can (at least 4 hours, depending on how wet the hair is) and then I take them out. As I take them out I hairspray the rows of curls.I really like these curlers I am happy I bought them they are definitely used around here....I even did them on my hair once....I give them 4 stars**** (only because you can't sleep in them!)~~~

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Kim and Preston said...

So cute. I want you to try it on my hair :)