Friday, October 28, 2011

Friends Featured: Broomstick Goodie Bag.

My seriously cute, crafty friend Aimee, made these cute Broomstick Goodie Bags and brought one over for Kyden.
Aimee is a mommy to a cute and smart little boy and a sseriously cute little girl. How she has time to do cute things like this is beyond me but I am sure glad she does!
I actually didn't let him have it because it was so cute and I used it as decoration for a long time.
I decided that it might be time for me give him the goodies but I couldn't part with the broomstick I love it!! So i made a small slit int he back of the bag. God the goodies out put some tissues back in a taped it shut...
What?! It is a seriously cute Halloween decoration that I didn't have to make...
Kyden loved all of the goodies in it.
Such a cute gift or party favor!Thanks for being so creative Aimee

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