Saturday, October 29, 2011

PINTERESTing Things #5

I can't believe Halloween is in about a week. We are planning a Halloween party for my family. I found this great list of a bunch of Halloween Games. if you are looking for some ideas check it out
I like the idea of an allowance but every time I have tried to figure out how it would work I can never get it to be fair. These magnets however may have solved the problem and it also makes the kids accountable. They can choose what jobs to do and how much they want. When I think about this I think that maybe my house would get really clean faster than if they had a set chore to do. Whey my kid gets a little bit bigger. This is on my list.
Accent mirrors have been pinned all over the place. I think that the yellow is a little over pinned as of late so when I saw this purple mirror I was sold. Not to mention I love how it looks with the color on the wall. Now I just have to find a great mirror, paint it, paint my wall and I've got it. If only it was that easy.
I saw this pinned and passed up on it every time but the other night I was talking to a friend who asked if I had tried this. I told her no and she shook her head in disbelief. She said, "Since we found that we have had it at least once a week it is that good." So now it is on my list of things to try and I have pinned it now.

Have you found anything PINTERESTing?

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