Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Crayon Picture

I went to a Women's Day Out with my sister up North and they had these really cute pictures and luckily my mom had purchased a couple. They are so cute and really easy to do. It is also such a fun idea.
We got a piece of muslin and traced a cute picture onto it. (We also got a Thanksgiving & Christmas one. I will post those later)
Then you take some regular crayons and color of the material.You need to color a little darker than you need it because it will get a little lighter when you are finished.
After you are done coloring put some paper on top of it and use your iron to seal the crayons. Use cotton setting no steam.I'm not positive how long I left it one but I did it until the crayon stopped transferring to the paper on top.Then you can either embroider or use Marker to trace the outlines.
I am not a huge sewer and I like to get things done pretty fast so I went for the sharpie.
Crazy how much the marker adds to the picture.Then I just put it int he frame. I loved how it turned out.
Isn't that fun idea? I bet kids would love it and I am pretty sure you could use any fabric.Happy Haunting


Kim and Preston said...

I am excited to do mine. Hopefully I can do it tonight...so I can hang it up.

Meghan said...

That is so cute! Love it!!

Emily said...

You have cute Halloween decor. I need you to work on mine. I have 3 and didn't even get them out this year. Good job Ms. Crafty.