Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Advent Calendar

My cute friend, Alyssa (Pictured) Made these cute Advent Calendars last year. I am so excited to pull it out to use.
(I know that Thanksgiving isn't here yet but I wanted to give people some time to make one for this year if they decide too.)
We bought a lot of cute paper and embellishments. We found some cute advent Calendar boxes with 24 drawers at the scrapbook store. We loved these ones because it had a cover that was clear but would snap back down.
We decorated each drawer with some paper and embellishment and the number for the day.
It took us a few days to do this. #1 we had two kids running around under the age of 2 and we had a hard time deciding what cute paper and embellishments to do.
But I had a blast making it. The best part about this advent calendar are the drawers. You put and activity or a small gift in each drawer. Then when your child starts the count downt hey pull out that drawer and find a surprise or an activity.
The drawers can also be moved around so you can make them look for the right number. We had to decorate the front and we each did it a different way. Each turned out super cute.
Alyssa with her Advent.
(I miss my crafting buddy. Why do people have to move?)
My Advent Calendar.
Some ideas for the drawers:
Go caroling, a quarter so they can get a treat at the store, candy, small presents, read a Christmas story, etc.
Do you have any good ideas for the drawers?


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Sassy Sites! said...

CUTE!! I love those advent calendars! Did you find the entire thing at the scrapbook store or did you have to buy the boxes separate? Doing crafts with friends is the BEST! I agree though... why do people have to move! :(

thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites today!