Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Party

My sister Kim & I planned a small Halloween party for my family. We had so much fun so even though Halloween is over I thought I would post this up so you can pin it for next year.
First of all I wanted to show you our family Halloween picture. There was a family that lived next door to us and every year they would all pick a theme and dress up like that so as long as our kids will let us we will dress up in themes. This year we were Barney, Bamm Bamm, and Betty Rubble. Lucky for me My sister-in-law had the Betty costume and my Brother-in-law had the Barney Costume. So they only one I had to make was Bamm Bamm. I was pretty proud of how it turned out. My secret... Felt and hot glue. Seriously the only stitch I made was the elastic around the waist. He didn't want his picture and he wouldn't hold his club.
Now for the food.
Bone Bread sticks. take Pillsbury bread sticks cut the ends a little then roll the ends to make bones. Then cook. Deviled eyes. Just make some deviled eggs and add a slice of olive for the eye.
String cheese, cream cheese, and green pepper.
cut the string cheese in half. My sister carved knuckle lines in each finger. put a dab of cream cheese to hole on the small piece of pepper.Worms in dirt. Chocolate Pudding and crushed up Oreos topped with some gummy worms.Little smoky sausages wrapped in biscuits.
Any kind of soup. We did cheddar broccoli.
We froze some fake spiders into the ice cube trays earlier in the day.
Fudge striped cookies a little bit of frosting and a Hershey kiss make some witch hats.Lime Jell-o and some small bug gummies.
It seems like a lot of food but I can assure that we ate it all. (I have a big family) We took some group pictures, played pin the nose on the pumpkin, and eat some donuts off a string. It was so much fun. What did you do for your party?

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kricketlyn said...

It was a great party sorry I didn't help more!