Monday, January 30, 2012

Miss America party

I cannot in any way shape or form take credit for this party. I actually was invited to one by my super creative friend Kara.. However, Kara lives 4 hours away so I could not attend. It sounded like so much fun that I had to ask her if I could steal all her great ideas and throw my own party.
She is a super friend because of course she said I could. 
Here is the invitation.
Another funny thing about this party is I called my friend Cassie and said, " Hey, I have a great idea for a party could we have it at your house?" She said Yes. Here is my reasoning: her house is beautiful and clean. SHe also have a spectacular tv, and she has dish so we knew we would actually get the channel. We have bunny ears at our house and sometimes getting the channels we want is questionable.
Anyway here is the bracket that we had everyone fill out with the point received. (Thanks to Kara) We were all pretty shocked when Wisconsin won. No one even had her written down. Shows how good we are at this. However, knowing that Kris Jenner was a judge made us a feel better about it. What qualifies her as a judge for Miss America? I would like to know.

We had some good food and then we crowned our own winners (based on points scored from bracket) They got crowns and chocolate roses.
Kara also had some really great ideas like when one of the girls says or does something "stupid" throw ping pong balls at the TV and so on. It is a great idea for a fun girls night out.
I know that I had so much fun with these girls.
 Thanks again Kara for letting me steal your ideas and to Cassie for letting us invade her house!
It was a fun party!

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