Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kricket's Korner: Valentine's Monster Boxes

It has been awhile but it isn't Krista's fault it is mine. But I had to show you these cute Monster Valentine Boxes even if they are a little late you can save the idea for next year. Right?
I can't wait till my kids have to make Valentine boxes for school I am sure they will look something like this besides Krista said it was easy.
They found some boxes they had laying around the house. Cut a hole for the mouth. (or you can use a tissue box) Then they just covered them in tissue paper.
The D-Rex box was a weird shaped shoe box so they were able to just turn the top the other way and it was the open mouth.

Then they just used felt for the shapes and pipe cleaners and pom poms for the eyes.
 I am kind of amazed at how different they are.
Super Cute!

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