Friday, March 2, 2012

Menu Board

Once again Craftywives have put me back into craft mode.
This was the craft last month. Isn't that the cutest menu board ever? It has so many functions too!! I had to make one.

 There are a few things that I love about craft night. One being that I get to craft with friends and two being that all the stuff is ready and I just have to put it together.
 This was a piece of metal, modgepodge, paper, and ribbon. We did end up laminating the little papers so that you could wipe them off and re-use them. The little bottle caps for the days are magnets too.
I love the little pocket to keep all the papers right there and I love that there is a notepad hooked on for notes too. It has been very helpful for cooking even if I don't use it for everyday.
 Oh yeah and the best part. It matched my kitchen perfectly!!
Thanks Heather

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