Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quiet Book Page 6

Buttons and Flowers
-One pellon page
-5 green stems
-1 pot
-5 button
-5 different colored flowers with a pellon piece to go on the back.

 I sewed the bottom of the pot down so it wouldn't move Then I positioned the stems and sewed along the bottom of them. Then sewed up the sides to hold them in place.
 Finish sewing the pot down
 Sew on the buttons at the end of the stems. (by hand obviously)
 Sew the pellon piece to the back of the flower and then cut a button hole in the flowers.
 Then put on the flowers. They can button and unbutton the flowers to their hearts content and in any of the places. I picked the same button just different colors for the purpose.
 Good Luck!

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Amanda said...

Ok Kelli, I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have no idea what a pellon piece is! Please tell me so that I can get working on my own quiet books. And by the way, I love your pages and plan on copying a few :)!