Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quiet Book: Page 4 & 5

This page is basically 2 but it counts as 1 seeing as it goes together.
-1 pellon page
-black road pieces cut to size
-small yellow pieces for the road
- car
-Red square for garage 
-And any thing you want to put on the garage for decoration

First I just sewed on the road so it would stay.

 Then sew on the yellow (I just did one straight line down the whole road and put the yellow things where I wanted them.)
Sew your decor on the garage
Sew on the bottom of the garage and then sew the ribbon to the page... Sew this really good seeing as I am sure it will be pulled on.
Tie your ribbon around the car.
Put the car in the garage and then sew the top around it. You will need to have a little bubble so that the car will fit.
 See the car tucks in their nice and safe.
This page was actually really easy!

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kricketlyn said...

This reminds me of a book we had when we were little!!!!!