Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quiet Book Page 10

-1 Pellon Page
- 2 pieces of grass felt
-1 Brown tree, with just branches
-7 leaves, 7 snow pieces, 7 leaves, 7 flowers
- 4 squares of whit with the season written on it (not pictures till a later picture)
-4 squares of colored felt to go behind the seasons name (not pictured till a later picture)
-25 sew on snaps
 Sew down the tree and the smaller piece of grass
 Sew around the bottom and edges of the bottom piece of grass. This will be a pocket to hold our things. I wish  that I would've made my pocket bigger. There are a lot of things that go in there.
I didn't want to have to sew 7 snaps on for each little tree embellishment and I was worried that the felt would tear so I put each leaf on another piece of felt and sometimes I put two. Leaving me with just 5 snaps to sew on per season.( see pictures below)
I sewed on the snaps to the tree and one to the pocket.
Then I added a snap to the back of the season nametag and the embellishments. 
Make sure that the snaps that are on the paper are the same way and all the embellishments have the same side of the snap. Because of this you will have a lot of spare snap sides because you don't need as many on the page. Does that make sense?
Here are the final seasons
and Autumn
I love this page even if it was the hardest to do. Only because sewing on all those snaps was a little bit of a pain.  
You should be proud of yourself though this is the last page that I will be making for the quiet book!!

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