Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quiet Book Cover and Completion!!

For the cover
-Material for cover
-material for straps
-ribbon for tying
-and any writing you want on it.

 I cut the fabric for the cover 11 -12 inches. about 2-3 inches taller than my pages for the length I cut it big so I could cut some off when I measured it. (therefore I don't have exact measurements. (Sorry...) Also the material you see pictured about is folded in half. so there are two pieces that size.
Turn fabric for handles inside out. Sew along edges. Make sure you leave an opening so that you can flip the material the right side out.
Same goes with the fabric for the cover only you need to mark where you want your handles and your string. Make sure that you put them in between the two fabrics.

 So when you flip it out it looks like this.

I wanted to sew a few things with words on them. So I left one side of the cover completely open so I could sew them on. This one is on the inside cover.

 Outside front cover.
 I read the idea somewhere to put the pages on the rings that open and close so that if you have a lot of kids you could take the pages out and pass them along. I liked that idea. But I didn't want the pages just sitting in the cover so I attached some shoelace to the middle of the cover. (this was a little tricky so make sure that you actually put the pages in to see where it folds and stuff) make sure your leave a little spot int he middle of each piece of shoelace so you can put in the rings.
(Sorry the picture is so washed out...)
 Then I hooked the rings into those. It hold pretty nicely. As far as putting the pages together I sewed two together back to back. Then using an eyelet tool I put 3 eyelet holes in each set of pages and added eyelets.
 The front of the book all put together.
 Front Cover & Page 1
(You may notice that I didn't keep the pages int he order that I did them in. You don't have to either.)
 Page 2 &3
 Page 4 & 5
(the car is in the garage)
 Page 6 &7
 Page 8 & 9
 Page 10 & Back cover!
 Ky holding his new quiet book he is so excited!!
 Thanks for sticking this thing through with me. It took a little longer than I thought but I love how it turned out. I also feel like I put it together in a way that if I do decide to add more pages I can and it won't be a huge process. Let me know how your quiet books are coming.


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