Monday, August 12, 2013

Kirk's 30th Birthday Suprise(s)

 My Husband isn't a huge fan of Birthday surprises in fact sometimes I think that he is positive that it should be like any other day... But for me birthdays are special. It is the day we get to celebrate the wonderful person they are. Right?! Not to mention this year was his BIG 3-0... I had to do something.
So this is what I came up with
30 envelopes, 1 every half hour
Starting at 7:30
 Ending at 10

 I picked up a few things that I thought he might enjoy.
 Asked our 3 year old some questions about dad.
 you've probably seen this going around Pinterest and lucky for me I had a ton of extra blow pops from the baby shower I threw last month.
The kids got to pick something out for dad at the dollar store
(My son insisted that he get dad candles... which was nice considering that I didn't have 30 at the house.)
 We went to a play.  
  Each envelope was filled with something. Small things like his favorite candy, his choice for dinner and breakfast, cake and ice cream, what he asked for, what he wanted etc. 30 envelopes is a lot to fill. So I asked his family and some friends to write him a letter. (I am pretty sure that these envelopes were his favorite to get. The kids wrote him a letter. In some of them I even asked if he remembered something big he got earlier this year.
He loved it. Even though he isn't huge on birthdays he was huge on this. He would even ask where the next one was if I was a few minutes late. :)He was  even okay when the cake he wanted ended up looking literally like a pinterest fail and he ended up with this... Sorry...I tried.
Anyway, it was a great day and he even gave me a back massage to thank me.
Happy 30th Babe!

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