Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner ideas~

I've finally figured out a few of the reasons that I dislike cooking.
*Trying to decide what to cook.
*Not having the ingredients once you decide what to cook.
*People not liking what you do cook.
So I've been thinking about an idea for awhile now.
1. Have everyone in the family write down 5 or so dinners they like on some pieces of paper.
2. Put the strips into a bowl.
3. Have each member pick out a paper
4. Pick out enough to have enough dinners for the week.
5. Then according to your schedule you decide what gets cooked when but those are the meals and the kids helped picked them so they will be more likely to eat them
6. At the beginning of the week Make a grocery list with the things you will need for the meals that week.
7. This way you know what you are cooking and you have all the ingredients for it before hand.

I think I will try this..
Its a little bit harder when you picky child is barely learning to say wa-wa for water :)


Kim and Preston said...

That is an excellent idea.

Liz said...

You have such great ideas!! I love it.. now the key always having the ingredients.

I love your plate!!