Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favorite Things Party

While Browsing Pinterest...Which I love. I found this really cute idea.
I've been wanting to do a fun girl party for awhile so I was really excited.
Here is the invitation.
I found out this go round that next time I need to clarify that you pick one of your favorite items that cost 6 dollars or less and you buy 5 of them and that is what you bring.
We had a bit of confusion at the beginning but we worked it out.
When my awesome party guest came these were the instructions.
Then they came to the food table.
The picture I took you can't really see the card with instructions so here it is.
Look at all that yummy food. I am sure that I ate my allotted calories for the whole day, just during this party.
It was delicious!
Thanks for helping me provide the food everyone!
The rules:
1. Each persons grabs 5 names out of the jar. (everyone should have their names in their on 5 different slips of paper if they followed instructions)
* Make sure that you don't get a duplicate name or your own name!

(Kami & Heather showing off their spoils.
Kami brought: handsanitizer
Heather brought: foam soap)
2. Go around the room have each person tell a little about themselves and why they brought their favorite item and favorite treat.
(Aimee: a pack of super cute homemade cards
Brooke: A skirt organizer)
3. The person then reads the 5 names off the slips of paper and the names they read are the people that get one of their things
(Dawn: Coke & Reese's
Simone: Yummy Smelling Lotion)
4. After everyone if the circle has gone everyone should have 5 different things to take home.
(Lexi: Water Bottle & Pixie Sticks
Cassie: Metal Water Bottle
*2 peas in a pod!)5. Enjoy the food, friend, and sweet things you get to take home.
(Cortney: Lindor chocolates
Kelli/Me: Spoon and Haagen Dazs "Dulce de Leche" ice cream)
This party was so much fun and it was relatively stress free seeing as how I just provided basically a place to have it. Everyone pitched in with their favorite food which was great!
I also got to learn about my awesome friends and get to keep some pretty cool stuff that will probably be my favorite too!
On party goer suggested that you do it as a theme. Like find your favorite thing that has to do with _____ (i.e. food, make-up, clothes....etc)
Next time I think we will try it.
This party however was a huge success!
Go ahead get started.
Then let me know how it goes!


Heather Shober said...

Thanks for throwing the party Kelli! It was so much fun!

kricketlyn said...

Looks like so much fun I need to do one!!! Just one question what is interest?

Ty and Whitty said...

What a fun idea. I am soooo doing it