Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chinese New Year Party

Something that helps get me out of my sad moods is having something to look forward too. So, we have a lot of traditions that we do here at the house. (Just want to thank my husband for going along with it all.) Most of the traditions are little things we do and a small family but there are quite a few that take some planning time and involve other people. That is the case with this tradition.

This tradition started about 8 years ago, give or take a year. My husband served a mission in Taiwan and because of that we have a lot of really cool Asian stuff and so I decided we should host a Chinese New Year Party. So we did. It consisted of us and some friends and their kids. We made some curry dinner and a few other Chinese dishes and I handed out some red envelopes with a dollar in it.... Suffice it to say the party has changed quite a bit.
Our party is now basically a dinner for adults and we have a few games and trivia. It has been a lot of fun. The best part about traditions is that the longer you have them the more time you have to figure out what works what doesn't and make it better. So let me give you a quick run down of what happens.
First you get the Invitations out. It is important that people RSVP on this one because they are helping provide the dinner, and its nice to know how many to plan for. I find that if people help provide the food things are way less stressful on the host.
Next, is set up. Last year it was so squishy and we had a bunch of small tables this year I literally put my couches and my chair and love sac in the front room spilling out so we could have room. I loved this set-up it was much more social and less squishy. 

I did this all the night before and trust me it was way less stressful.
I put together a Chinese Trivia that everyone does until everyone shows up and then we eat... Lots and Lots of delicious Chinese Food.
We have Hi-Chews, Pocky, and Fortune Cookies for the sweet tooths.
After everyone has had their fill we correct the trivia and talk a little about the traditions of Chinese New Year and the characteristics of those born in the year we are celebrating.
Then I pull out the chopsticks and the cotton balls and as couples we do a timed race. For 30 seconds one member of the partnership try and get as many cotton balls into the bowl, one at a time using chopsticks, then they switch and the other partner has 30 seconds to do the same. It is actually pretty fun. 
Then we do pictures we do a group picture and couple pictures.... For those that know me know that pictures are mandatory at my parties, because I love them. We have props for people to use for their couple pictures too.
Then of course because their aren't kids we sit around and chat and relax... (Don't fill bad for the kids I will celebrate with them on Monday and then post about what we do.)
At the end of the party you can't leave without a party favor. For the party favors I put a few things into the red envelope. A fortune telling fish, 2 chocolate coins, A Chinese temporary tattoo, and some Chinese New Year Monkey Stickers.
 So that is the gist of it. It a lot of fun for me and I look forward to it every year.
How many of you throw a Chinese New Year Party?

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